Celebrating the New Year in Chicago!


Just got back home from our mini-vacay to Chicago!  We had an absolute blast in the windy city, and it was a great way to welcome 2016!  We had a 6-hour drive each way, but I love road-trips with Conor and I will never complain about time in the car with him! 🙂  We got to Chicago, checked into our hotel, and headed over to the  festival.  The venue was really nice, and the shows were SO good.  (Some of our favorite performers: Deadmau5, Robin Schulz, Mija, Autograf, The Floozies, and Skrillex.)

We went into the heart of downtown the morning of the 31st… walked around a bit, checked out The Bean (haven’t been since I was little!), and ate lunch at a cute pizza place near Grant Park.  Because of the warmer temps we’ve been having in southern Indiana, I definitely was NOT prepared for Chicago’s cold weather!! But Conor always lets me snuggle up to him wherever we go so I stayed warm that way 🙂 { But I am making a mental note to pack a thicker jacket and a scarf and mittens for the next time we travel up north! }


That’s all from me for now! Hope everyone had an amazing start to 2016~



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