We’re Moving…

Indy Map.png
♥♥ MAP KEY ♥♥
— Conor is working for an events company in Carmel, and is loving it so far!~ {{ He assists with a lot of weddings…and I’m hoping he’s taking notes for ours 😉 }}
2 — We found a cute apartment in Broad Ripple 🙂 I’m so excited to move in to our first place together! It’s not huge, but my last apartment was 400 sq. ft. so I’m happy for anything above that!
3 — I just accepted a position in downtown Indy, and will start in a couple weeks!
Conor and I are moving to Indianapolis!  I’m over the moon excited!!  We have been dating long-distance (ok.. only 2 hours apart but it’s still hard!!) for almost 8 months now, and while it’s nice to know that we can do it and make it work, I’m SO ready for it to be over forever.  I’m so excited to be with my guy again in a new city with so many new places to explore (meaning so many fun photo ops!). I’m using this whole weekend to sort, organize, and pack (and maybe downsizing my closet but we’ll see..).  Hope everyone has a fun weekend!



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