Conor’s First Mix!

music strip 1••*photo details at the very bottom!*••

To preface this blog post… Over the past year, Conor has gotten really into mixing music and “DJ-ing”-type stuff 🙂 {{ I absolutely know that I am NOT explaining it correctly but bear with me… }} So a while ago, he got some music equipment and downloaded some mixing software on his Mac (the correct lingo and equipment names are unbeknownst to me). When he first started trying to learn how everything worked, he would bring his equipment over to my apartment and would get it all set up on my coffee table and practice for hours 🙂 At first, he wore headphones to listen to what he was doing because he was too embarrassed to play out loud 🙂 Every once in a while, he’d play something out loud for me to hear, and we’d talk about what sounds good and what could sound better, etc.
music strip 2
Fast forward to the past few months… he’s progressed so much! In the beginning, sometimes I would just hear random little beeps and drum beats and some weird chord progressions but after lots of practice, he’s really getting it down!  He just recorded his first mix, and it’s posted below.  When he was uploading it, he pointed out some errors that he had made but when I listened to it, I didn’t hear any 🙂 This mix is a combination of his current fav future house/bass songs… definitely give it a listen!  I listened to it while I was running errands, but it would work really well on a upbeat road-trip playlist or for a workout, too!
music strip 4
Another back story — Ever since around early high school I have really enjoyed music and songs with good beats that make me want to move and dance.  Every once in a while, a radio song would have a hint of the sounds I liked.. but not enough to overcome the overarching mainstream pop sound.  Fast forward to late high school/early college — I discovered “EDM” and was blown away that certain sounds I liked had their own entire genre!  Through my time at IU, the EDM genre seemed to grow and grow and gain more and more popularity… by the time I was a senior, DJ sets and shows at the Bloomington bars were happening several times every single week.  {{ When I was working as a front desk agent junior year, I met Kap Slap when he checked into my hotel!! }} I love R&B, blues, and alternative rock, but EDM is my go-to “fun” music!  When I met Conor, I quickly discovered that we had very similar taste in music.. and since we’ve been dating, we’ve been able to go to so many fun shows and festivals together (the BEST dates, if you ask me) and I will always cherish those memories so, so much.  I love that we share a love of music (LIVE music, especially), and I’m so glad that Conor has found this hobby.  His face lights up so much when he talks about something he just learned, or something he did well, or an issue he finally figured out.  It’s so cute it hurts ♥

So here’s the mix!  The first of many to come 🙂  Hope everyone is having a great week so far!


Photo Details:
1 – A music festival we attended over a Halloween weekend RIGHT after we started dating… Conor wore a Grateful Dead shirt under a tiger onesie, and topped the outfit off with my sunglasses and a captain hat.. needless to say, I fell in love 🙂
2 – Forecastle Festival (2015) — I ♥♥♥ this pic of C
3 – Kiesza at Forecastle // Louisville, KY
4 – ??? It’s music stuff that’s all I know! 🙂
5 – Forecastle again! {{ I hope we go back to this every year while we’re still in Indiana and close by! }}
6 – Grandtheft @ Mad Decent Block Party // Chicago, IL
7 – Midnight on New Year’s Eve // Rosemont, IL
8 – Local singer // Galveston, TX
9 – A jam band we listened to at a bar with a swim-up pool (??) while drinking way too many Captain & Cokes 🙂 // Galveston, TX
10 – Major Lazer @ Mad Decent Block Party // Chicago, IL
11 – RL Grime @ Forecastle // Louisville, KY
12 – Martin Solveig @ Mad Decent Block Party // Chicago, IL


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  1. Becca says:

    Absolutely love! Good job Conor 🙂


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