Hair Mayonnaise

My absolute favorite blog to read is the Barefoot Blonde blog.  Amber – the site owner & blogger – has the prettiest life, posts the cutest pictures, and has really good hair and beauty tips, too.  In one of her healthy hair posts, she recommended using Hair Mayonnaise.  When I first read the name, I thought “…ew…” but she said she loved it as a deep conditioner AND said that it was just $10 at Sally Beauty Supply.  So… I thought I’d try it out, too!  Here’s a bit on my experience with it and my tips for its use 🙂
You’ll need the Hair Mayonnaise of course, as well as a shower cap, clips for long hair, and, if you’re doing this treatment at home like I did, a hair dryer.  (If you have access to one, you can use a salon dryer.)
Step #1 – Brush out your hair. I used a boar bristle brush so excuse the fluffy frizz!
Step #2 – Get your hair wet! I read from almost all reviews that this product works best when applied to wet hair.
Step #3 – Put the mAyO on your hair!  I applied very, very generously and thoroughly soaked my hair from the roots to the tips.
Step #4 – Put your mayo-filled locks up in a clip!
Step #5 – Throw on a shower cap, and hang out for a while! 🙂 I used a hair dryer over the shower cap for around 5 minutes to warm up my hair and begin the process, and then let it sit in the cap for about 55 more minutes, totaling 1 hour.

I didn’t take an after picture (because my hair just looked wet! hehe) but it felt SO soft when I was rinsing it out.  ONE TIP: I only did one round of shampoo and conditioner, and I went to bed with wet hair… woke up in the morning and my hair still felt like it had quite a bit of product in it so I had to shower it out and do another shampoo.  Then I let it air dry before work, and once it was fully dry, I did notice extra shine and softness 🙂

All in all, I definitely recommend this product.  I’ll continue to use it.. probably monthly or so.  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  I’m headed up to Bloomington for my best friend’s birthday!  { pics to come! } Until next time!  XO, E ♥


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