New Town, New Home

Hello! We finally have wi-fi and I can blog again! It has been almost 2 full weeks since I’ve posted 😥 But no more sad faces because we are all settled in and loving our new place! Moving day was not the best… there was SO much snow in Evansville that morning! Loading the moving truck wasn’t super fun, and the roads were pretty bad for a while, but once we got north of Evansville, things started to clear up and the rest of the move went really well!image3
This was one of the only pics I took on my phone of the amount of snow we got OVERNIGHT. I hate snow anyways… but that was particularly bad timing! Eventually, we made it to Indy and Conor and I had the next couple days to get everything set up 🙂 it feels absolutely perfect for us and I have been smiling so much since Conor’s become my roomie ♥♥♥ Here are a few shots of the place…kitchen bardrawerwallendtablelivingroom1gallerywalldrawer
photobannerimage10heartframeThis is all I have for now… but I’m sure there will be more apartment pics in the coming posts 🙂 In other news, I started in my new position in downtown Indy, Conor continues to love his job in Carmel, and we are two happy peas in a pod here! I missed him so much when we were apart, and it feels so, so good to be together again ♥ Until next time (which will be super soon!)…. XO, E


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