Wednesday Funday!

Good morning!~ Magically, Conor and I both have today off! I have had a full week of training at work, so I’m happy to have a couple days to relax now. ( I am typing this in my big warm bed with Conor laying right beside me ♥ ) Here’s my plan for the day…

get up as soon as I post this lay in bed for 20 more minutes.. too much sleep never killed anyone right??
⇒ make coffee & breakfast
⇒ run some errands with Conor ( side story — I have white square dishes that I bought from Target before moving into my first apartment at IU. Over the last 3 years, some of them have disappeared in moves, gotten chipped, etc.. so I told Conor that we needed to go to Target so I can buy some single bowls and plates to restore ours to a full set. Long story short, he knows I loooooove Target and he’s convinced that I want a fun shopping trip and that I’m using the dishes as an excuse to go ;P )
⇒ Come back home for afternoon cuddles and naps…
⇒ Maybe go on a drive together to explore our area a bit more
⇒ dinner at some point… {{ I have to say, I have been getting really into cooking lately! And we’ve been on a big green veggie kick – broccoli and Brussel sprouts especially – so I’ve been trying to incorporate them as much as I can into our meals. Pictured below are 2 of my favs that I’ve made here… L:a bed of brown rice topped with baked salmon filets and sautéed broccoli and cauliflower | R:crockpot white chicken chili… don’t want to toot my own horn too much but this was soooo goood!!  }}

& in other super fun news – Conor entered us in a raffle at our apartment complex, and we ended up winning……. a brand new TV! How cool 🙂 We are both pretty excited~


Hope everyone has an amazing day! More from us later! 🙂 XO, E
PS– I’m going to start including 5-10 songs on each post that we’ve been
listening to & loving lately… so be on the lookout for that!♥


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