hello! hope everyone’s week has been great so far! this week, I’ve continued to adjust to life in Indy.. I was driving home from work the other day thinking “… I live here now…” I’m really happy we’re in Indianapolis together, but it hasn’t totally hit me that this city is where I now live and work! I kind of feel like it has to do with the weather a little bit… I haven’t gotten to be outside and wander! When it’s warm and nice out, Conor & I love to get outside and explore… whether it be taking a drive with the windows down or just walking around, we love being outside in nice weather BUT we’ve had pretty low temps lately here 😦 I’m SO excited for spring to roll around!! {{ My long long long term plans include us relocating somewhere with warmer winters 😉 }}

I’m really excited for the upcoming week… Valentine’s Day is Sunday (~dUh~) and then Conor’s birthday is just a few days later! I can’t wait to celebrate both with my honey bunny ♥ C has even started the Valentine’s celebrations a few days early… he came home today with the most vibrant lilies I have ever seen! I’ve never seen this kind look so rich in color… thank you for these babe!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

we continue to eat Brussel sprouts like our lives depend on it, I’ve never appreciated coffee more in my entire life, and as I said before, I’m so excited for it to warm up so I can get on the Monon Trail! (I pass under a section of it every day on my commute to and from work and every single day I’m like ugh can it be spring yet???

b♥♥• As the cookie says, XOXO!! •♥♥

PS — here are a few songs we’ve been listening to lately!
Yousef – “Beg (Hot Since 82 remix)”
Calvin Harris – “Bounce (DEVI Deep House remix)”
Halsey – “Gasoline (Oscar’s remix)”
Autograf – “Dream”
Bordertown – “Lost in Music”


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