Current Makeup Must-Haves

•• For today’s post, I’m going to go through some of my current makeup favs. In no way/shape/form am I a makeup expert, but I do think it’s fun to use and thought I’d share some products I enjoy ••Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 5.06.59 PM

1. Too Faced Natural Bronzer | Sun Bunny | I bought this with my last Sephora gift card and have used it as my bronzer ever since! The dark half is much darker than my current winter skin tone, so just a couple small swirls with a fluffy brush does the trick for giving my face a little glow ♥
2. Makeup Sponges | I picked one of these up at a Target after seeing them everywhere… I was using it incorrectly until my friend Becca told me that it’s supposed to be a little damp when you use it! I can attest – when you run it under water and then squeeze out the excess, it works so much better.
3. Covergirl “Supersizer” Mascara | Very Black | I bought this to try it out a few weeks ago and am really happy with it! I usually prefer ‘fluffier’ eyelash brushes (this one’s a little more rigid) but it definitely adds lots of volume.  One downside is that it seems to kind of ware off quickly??
4. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer | Pore Minimizing | Love this & so glad I bought it. I like how it feels and you can put it all over your face or in just a few spots.
5. Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss | Lovechild | Love the color and shine so much. Feels a little sticky by itself, so I usually put on a layer of lip balm first ♥

Happy makeup-ing!


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  1. Great post, some really nice makeup must haves. You can’t go wrong with a beauty blender sponge 🙂


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