Easter Weekend

IMG_3154 (1)Happy Tuesday ♥♥ This past weekend, Conor and I traveled down to his hometown in southern Indiana and spent Easter weekend with his family! We arrived mid afternoon and got some catch up time with his doggies Harry and Caray 🙂 We had a wonderful meal with his parents early evening, and then split up.. Conor met up with some of his friends and I went to the mall in search of a good Easter dress. No luck 😦 I didn’t give myself enough time to really go through the racks but there wasn’t a great selection to begin with. ( I brought a backup outfit just in case so I was prepared! ) Easter Sunday was a lot of fun as well.. we went to church with his parents in the morning and then took the doggies on a long walk when we got back home. The weather was absolutely incredible this weekend! The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze from the river. After a big Easter lunch, we took a power nap and then had to get back on the road. Wish we could’ve stayed down there longer… maybe next time 🙂111
^^^ venti frappucino for the drive (necessary) || roadtrip selfie (also necessary) || our delicious dinner Saturday night! ^^^IMG_3157As soon as we walked through the gate, the boys were in Conor’s lap! They love him so much 🙂 ♥♥ & I’m always impressed walking with them.. they have such tiny little legs and bodies but they are great walkers 🙂 IMG_3162IMG_3159 (1)
The front porch of C’s parents’ house is one of my fav parts of the house! It was so nice to relax out there this weekend.. sitting out there watching the sun set over the river was awesome ♥♥IMG_3155 (2)222IMG_3146These purple flowers were everywhere! We saw them all over throughout the weekend. Not sure if they’re weeds or what but they’re lovely. I pulled over on a country road and hopped out really fast to snap a pic 🙂 IMG_3158 (1)We drove back up to Indy Sunday evening, and ended our night with some Chinese take out and snuggles in bed ♥ Conor and I have a date day planned for tomorrow so I’ll make sure to post some pics later this week! 🙂 XOXO, E


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