Newport Mansions

DSC_1054DSC_0886Breakers DetailDSC_1036DSC_1050Breakers BedroomDSC_0924Breakers Ceilingstained glassDSC_1033Breakers ArtDSC_0963DSC_1114DSC_1111DSC_0991DSC_1117Hey everyone! Happy Friday! ♥♥ So while I was working earlier this week, I was trying to get tips on what I should do, see, eat, etc. while I’m here. So many people recommended going to check out the big mansions! I was talking to my mom on the phone and long story short, I told her I that things were going well but I was feeling lonely… and she surprised me by booking a flight to spend some time with me out here! I thought the mansion tours would be perfect for us to do together. We spent one morning/afternoon touring a couple different mansions and oh my gosh are they exquisite! The fabrics, furniture, ceilings, art, decorations — everything is so beautiful. The first one we visited was The Breakers Mansion – the Vanderbilt’s summer home. ((My mom and I were shocked that a home as big as this one was just a summer home.)) We also saw the Marble House and the Chinese Tea House. All were definitely worth the trip.  My mom left today to go back to Indiana 😦 so now I’m by myself again finishing out my time here.  I don’t want to overload one post with too many pictures so I’m breaking the posts up… again, stay tuned for more! 🙂 XXXOOO, E


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