Cliff Walk

DSC_1082DSC_0968DSC_0995DSC_1075DSC_0996DSC_1079DSC_1070DSC_1058DSC_1087DSC_1085Happy Sunday! Here’s your daily dose of Newport! ๐Ÿ™‚ Today’s focus: the Cliff Walk! This was another thing everyone told me I had to check out while I was here and again, the suggestions did not disappoint. I went once by myself earlier in my stay, and once again with my mom. I did the easy section down to the beach by myself, and my mom and I did the harder section. The section down to the beach is really easy walking – you’re always on a path / no major ups and downs. The section my mom and I did was a different story… there is no trail for a lot of it. We had to climb on, over, and down rocks along the water. Nice sightseeing, but a bit of a struggle in some parts lol. But we did it and got some great pics too! Also, the weather had called for rain the day we were out on the Cliff Walk but it ended up being a perfect day! High 60s, sunny, and a super clear sky. Couldn’t have asked for anything better! Right now, I’m at the airport in Rhode Island awaiting my flights back to Indianapolis ๐Ÿ™‚ Newport Part IV will be coming later this week!ย xoxo, E


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