My Newport Adventures

DSC_0998ri7ri2ri3DSC_0781DSC_0965DSC_0737ri5ri6DSC_0789ri4DSC_1000Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday ♥♥ Coming to you today is Newport: Part IV! Just wanted to post some shots of the cute views Newport has to offer.  I wish I had taken more pictures of window boxes and stoops that I saw.. the majority were decorated and so cute! The other pictures in this set are some random shots I took throughout my couple weeks there.
I am safely back in Indianapolis and it feels good to be home. Newport was SO great and the hotel staff was incredibly awesome — but I was feeling a bit homesick towards the end of my stay.  I will say – if you’re headed to Rhode Island (specifically Newport), DEFINITELY check out the Hyatt Regency Newport. Awesome hotel surrounded by the water, very nice rooms (and a big selection!), lots of amenities and services on their lovely grounds, super kind  and hospitable staff… needless to say, I had a great stay with them and they made me feel like I was among family and friends throughout the duration of my trip.
Indy is super warm right now, too! Conor and I had a day off together once I was back, and he surprised me with flowers, wine, and a picnic in the park! 🙂 (( with the most massive cheese tray I’ve ever seen lol.. I’ll try to include a pic on my next post. )) We also did a private tour of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track. Conor drove me around on his golf cart and it was so cool to see where he’s been working and spending so much time.  Until next time!! XOXO, E ♥♥


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