newburgh scavenger hunt

img_5745Good morning and Happy Thursday!! ~*
As I mentioned in an earlier post, we celebrated Christmas with Conor’s family in southern Indiana.  Conor’s dad was so sweet and put together a scavenger hunt in the local downtown area! There were several clues that led us on a sightseeing and photograph-taking journey through this adorable historic downtown area.  I was on a team with Conor, Conor’s Grandma, and one of Conor’s uncles 🙂 We, unfortunately, did not win, but we still had a blast! It was such a nice day out and at each clue led you to a site where you’d have to take a photo using the instructions in the clue (( ie “take a picture of your team trying to blow the little brick house down” … see below for more 😉 ))


It was so fun. Big thanks to Conor’s dad for putting that together! He even had prizes for everyone once we finished and got back to the house 🙂 very, very cool.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day~* xoxox, E


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