Life Lately

Good morning, and Happy Tuesday!! I hope everyone had a super fun weekend!  I spend a lot of it at home relaxing, which was SO nice but made me feel a little guilty… oh well 🙂 I definitely ate wayyy to much junk food, though, so I’m being very strict with my diet this week to have a bit of a reset!  I’m going to try to make a smoothie bowl in the morning, too… if it turns out well, I’ll definitely write a post about it 🙂 But anyways, here are some pics from this weekend and our life lately!
^^^ We have been able to try a few new restaurants/bars in town lately!  We are OBSESSED with Watami Sushi… all you can eat sushi/sides for $21 / person!  We were skeptical at first, but the sushi is so good. And you can’t beat that price!  ||| This weekend, we met up with some of my coworkers that were participating in a Broad Ripple bar crawl, and did a few of the stops with them! Average Joe’s was one of them, and we had never been there! It was crowded, but luckily there were still some open pool tables ( more pics to come below… 🙂 ) ||| My dad came down one night a couple weeks ago and took us to eat at Union Jack in BR. Food was SO good, and it was really nice out so they had this garage-door style window fully open… it felt amazing! I seriously wish the spring weather we were having was still around! It’s snowing in Indy as I type this… ugh!
^^^ Snaps from the bar crawl bars!  I actually impressed myself and Conor with my pool skills… I think I had the best pool game of my entire life!
ccc.png^^^ some pictures from my snapchat album over the past week or so 🙂  gym time, a breakfast casserole, views from my couch, and Jinx!!
(( I love when Jinxy gives me little eskimo kisses!! ❤  ))

^^^ A shot of the Capitol Building on my way into work 🙂
That’s all for me… I’ll make sure to check in later this week!  Thanks so much for reading! XXOO, Em


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