Bachelorette Weekend in CO!

Hello, everyone!~ I haven’t blogged in a while so now that I have a free Sunday afternoon, I figured I should write a couple posts ๐Ÿ™‚ The topic that will be addressed in my next few posts? My bachelorette weekend in Denver, Colorado!! My bridesmaids and I spent a long weekend there last weekend, and it was seriously a dream. ย I’m going to spread it out over 3 or so posts, that way I can give every aspect of the trip the appropriate amount of attention ๐Ÿ™‚
Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 5.26.44 PM.png
OK! So we flew out early Saturday morning, and Becca (my MOH โค ) picked us up from the airport. We drove to Hostel Fish, our home away from home for the weekend! (( More on Hostel Fish later… I will do a separate post for this place because it was sooooo cool!! )) We dropped off our bags and then went to Cheeseman park, where the girls had a surprise picnic set up!
Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 5.30.46 PM
img_7498.jpgThe park was adorable and it was the PERFECT day. Sunny, light breeze, mid 70s.. couldn’t have been better! We ate our sandwiches and fruit and sipped our mimosas and chatted and laughed and took pictures… it was amazing. &ย I need that iridescent cellophane in my daily life!!
We drove around the city a little bit more after lunch (( and what a treat it is to look out the window and see mountains )) and then went back to the hostel to change hang out and get ready for the baseball game! The hostel is just down the street from the Coors Stadium, and we got to see the Colorado Rockies vs. the LA Dodgers! This was so fun, and again, the weather couldn’t have been better!ย d1b
We hung out in the downtown area after the game.. got drinks and sushi, and then headed back home to hang in our slumber party room โค It was a fabulous first day with my best ladies!

Thanks so much for reading! Stay tuned for a few more posts about the trip to Denver!
XOXO, Emma


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