Flower Box Project!


Happy May!! I have been feeling especially guilty about not having written any blog posts since the trip to Denver, so I wanted to write a little mini post before I went to bed tonight! When Conor was in his hometown with his parents over Easter weekend, he and his dad constructed a few flower boxes, and Conor brought one of them home with him 🙂 We went on a Lowe’s date to buy paint, potting soil, and seeds, and we ended up planting spinach, catnip (for Jinx), and cilantro! Anyways, the spinach sprouted first, followed shortly by the cilantro.  The catnip JUST sprouted, and is so small right now that you can barely see the little buds 😛 I’m so excited about watching all of these grow overtime!


Thanks for reading! I hope everyone had a great week! -Em


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