Sunday Morning Stroll

This past Sunday, Conor was sleeping in (he worked a late night event the night before) but I was kind of restless so I decided to get up, get changed, and go on a nice long walk around our area.  (( When we first moved to Indianapolis, we LOVED the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood, but couldn’t afford the apartments (let alone the homes) in the area when we were first looking. Once a year rolled around and we both got promotions, we were able to secure a lease for a townhouse in the MK neighborhood and we’ve been living in this neighborhood for almost 6 months now! )) ANYWAYS… the streets and homes in this area are so beautiful, especially so in the spring now that everything is so lush and in full bloom.  I ended up walking for almost 2 hours! ( And completed my FitBit step goal before 9 AM 😉 ) I took quite a few pictures on my walk, and wanted to share them on the blog!


^^^ DYING over this house!!! How cute??!! ^^^


^^ I got thirsty so I walked to Open Society and got a mocha latte 🙂 ^^


Wandering around this area truly makes me appreciate where we live! I love feeling safe enough to walk around by myself, and lucky to be able to have all of these cute houses within walking distance to entertain me on Sunday mornings! 😉 Conor and I have been trying to walk when we can in the evenings after work, and it’s wonderful that we have a variety of routes and streets to choose from! I hope everyone else is getting good spring weather and that you are able to be outside enjoying the warm temps!!

Thank you so much for reading! XOX, Em


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