June 9th… the big day… such a major day in our lives and the day that all of the planning and preparations had been leading to… where do I even start?? I guess I’ll start by saying that the day was magical and beautiful and so happy and as near perfect as it could have been.  I’m going to try to recap with pics and explain the day along the way 🙂 [ And a disclaimer up front: no professional photos in this post… just pics gathered from the phones of friends and family members!  I’m waiting to post all of the professional photos together once I get the full set back from Bailey! ]


So we woke up and started the day with a yummy breakfast spread — thanks to the moms for picking this up and for reminding all of us girls to eat throughout the day 🙂 Our makeup girls arrived bright and early and started setting up, and then one by one, we were gLaMiFiEd by Christine and her friend Allison! (( If you are needing makeup in the Indy area, I definitely suggest checking out Christine’s page! Her handle on IG is @myleadingladies and she did a FAB job on all of us girls! Even the moms had her do their makeup too 🙂 ))

IMG_9246.JPGIMG_9258IMG_9434IMG_9438IMG_9440IMG_9436hair 2

How precious are these lil hunnies in their matching robes?! (( Robes are from Nordstrom if anyone was wondering 🙂 ))

hair4IMG_9442hair 3

Our florist brought over extra stems when she dropped off the big arrangements so we could put them in our hair!! 🙂 Also BIG BIG BIG thank you to my maid of honor Becca and bridesmaid Abby for tackling hair for all of the girls!  I never had any doubts in their abilities, but still felt bad making them “work”… but they tackled this project and everyone’s hair looked amazing~


 After we were done getting ready, Bailey, our photographer, took the cutest photos of all of us girls in our robes together ❤ I can’t wait to see them once she’s done editing!! After that, the girls helped me get into my dress, and then I had a little mini first look with my dad!  It was such a sweet moment 🙂 Excited for those pics too!


My bridal bouquet!! ^^ 🙂 (( I absolutely LOVED it, but just a side note for future brides that if you order a rather large bouquet that it will be heavy!! It definitely gave me an arm workout that day. Hopefully it made my arm looked toned in all of the pics! 🙂 ))

I put my phone away in my luggage once I was in my dress, so all of the following pics are what I gathered from friends and social media 🙂 (( I’ll do another wedding post with all of the photos we get back from Bailey! )) And thanks to my bridesmaids + guests for taking so many cute photos that I could steal 🙂

OK so after we were all done at the Airbnb for the day, we loaded up the car and headed to Cox Hall Gardens to meet the boys!! I was looking forward all day to seeing Conor for the first time and our first look was sooooo cute. The anticipation of seeing him was so fun and the moment did not disappoint.  It was a moment during the day that I remember vividly… my heart felt like it was bursting!  AGAIN, can’t wait to see this set of photos from Bailey 🙂 Conor had such a sweet reaction, and I was really happy with our decision to have a first look with one another.


After some group photos at the gardens, we were off to the Ritz!  We did some family portraits, and then essentially got to just hang out until it was time for the ceremony!


Ugh… I love those girls ^^^^

IMG_9690FullSizeRendercouples.JPGPFPI2424IMG_9300hand in hand!IMG_9698IMG_9429

I am literally smiling so big as I type this!! The ceremony was sooooo sweet.  Tracy, our officiant, was perfect and ran the whole ceremony so smoothly!  I got through my vows with only a few tears, but had quite a few more when Conor read his.  He makes me so weak in the knees!! His vows were so sweet, and our words and promises felt very much on the same wavelength ❤ He just gets me and I could hear the sheer sincerity in each sentence he read and in each vow he made to me and I think all of our guests could too ❤ We sealed the deal with a kiss and then it was reception time!!


**ummm… how cute are they?!! ^^ I’m dying over these! PS pretty sure I spot Conor and myself in the background of these taking newlywed shots with Bailey! Lol!


We ended the reception with a sparkler send-off and then we took our getaway car downtown where we stayed the night ❤

The entire day was such a blast! People warned me that it would fly by, and it did, but not as fast as I was expecting.  People also warned me that SOMETHING would go wrong, but honestly nothing did! Seriously my biggest problem of the day was my veil getting snagged on a nail when I was descending down the stairs with my dad!  All of a sudden, my neck kinda snapped back and I realized my veil was stuck behind me and pulling my head back! My dad was like “What’s wrong??!!!” but we got it unstuck and it was just a small little blooper moment of the day 🙂 The veil didn’t even rip or get damaged! And honestly that’s it!! Everything else was so smooth! We were ahead of schedule all day long, I never felt any stress, no one made a scene, everyone was happy…. I was cool as a cucumber!

It was so indescribably awesome to be surrounded by so much love and support throughout the day, and to watch our guests catch up with friends and family and have fun celebrating our marriage!! There were a couple moments when I was just standing back kind of taking it all in, and the happy faces and positive vibes all over the room made my heart so full!  So many people came up to us and complimented the two of us and the wedding, and many guests reached out post-wedding to say what a fun time they had ❤ All in all, we couldn’t be more pleased with how the entire day played out and the forever memories we will have from our special day.  As I said in my vows, I have no fears or doubts with this marriage — just a confident and trusting heart ❤ I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and Conor and our relationship together… I know it will be great because we’ll be together! ❤

And a VERY special thank you to my wonderful father who made this magical day possible.  Love you so much, dad!! 

So one final picture (well, 8 pictures) from our photographer who was kind enough to share a sneak peak the following weekend! See below… now do you understand why I can’t wait to see the rest?! 🙂 (( And again, I will do another blog post once we get the full set of photos from the entire day!  I’ll list out my vendor team then as well 🙂 )) Thanks so much for reading!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend ❤ XO, Em



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