Honeymoon Pt. 1 – Guanacaste


Good afternoon and Happy Friday! Finally, right?!! This week felt kinda long so I’m happy we’re just one day away from a long holiday weekend!  Conor and I will be heading down to his hometown for the long weekend to see his family + friends down there 🙂 It will be a nice little getaway… but I’ve seen some rain in the forecast and I’m hoping it clears up by the time the 4th rolls around! Fireworks are obviously a little better without rain 😉

OK anyways!! We have so many pictures and stories from the honeymoon, so I’m dividing the post into 2!  We spend half of our trip in Guanacaste on the Papagayo Peninsula, and half our stay in the rainforest so I figured this would be a natural split for the blog posts, too.

We didn’t have a ton of time for sleep in between getting checked into our hotel after the wedding and when we had to leave for the airport bright and early that next morning!  However, we were both able to catch some zzz’s on the plane, and we were in Costa Rica by 1:30 in the afternoon!  We had a quick drive to our first resort, and a super sweet driver who pointed out sugar cane farms, mango trees, and other sights along the way 🙂 The first place we stayed was the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo and boyyyy was it nice! Andaz is actually owned by Hyatt Hotels, and since I work for Hyatt, we were able to get a really great discount on the rate! On top of that, when we first got there, we were given a card in our welcome packet with a notice that we’d be given 50% off of all food + beverage and 20% off of any spa services since I’m a Hyatt employee! SCORE!! We were thrilled to get this news and obviously ate like little piggies for the next 6 days 😛


We got settled into our room, grabbed a quick lunch, and then explored around the resort for a little while!


We had a special table at one of the restaurants that we always tried to make ours! It had a perfect view of the bay!


We first popped down to the beach to check that out! It’s pretty small, but very private (only open to Andaz + Four Seasons guests) so the size didn’t matter.  The water was soo warm and they had little hammocks and a beach bar down there! They also had complimentary paddle boards and kayaks for guests! More on that later… OK so onto more resort pics!!


HOW CUTE????? ^^^^


^^^ stairs down to the gym! ^^^ Believe it or not, I actually worked out every other day on this vacation 🙂


^^ Howler monkeys were very audible every night, but we didn’t see one up close until about halfway through out stay! This little guy was hanging out just outside of our room!! ^^ There were also little baby monkeys (not howlers but I can’t remember the type) who showed up at breakfast one morning! See below… so cute!


The majority of one of our days here was spent at Coco Beach~ Cute little town about 30 minutes away from our resort.


We met a little furry friend on the beach 🙂


The rest of the time at our resort, we did a lot of eating, swimming, and napping by the pool…. 🙂


^^ The breakfast buffet was ~~aMaZiNg~~ ^^


^^ This was legitimately one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten… cajun chicken with bacon and roasted pineapple with a chipotle sauce on ciabatta… oh MAN I seriously had like… at least 5 of these during our stay ^^

img_9750.jpgsnow cones

^^ They even have a snowcone station at one of the pools!! ^^


^^ ❤ ultimate relaxation ❤ ^^


We actually did get off of our behinds one day and went kayaking 🙂 Which essentially means that Conor paddles and I take pictures + selfies lol!


What would we do without our selfie stick? 😉 ^^^ After our kayak adventure, we took a little hammock nap together ❤


We also got to sneak in not one but TWO visits to the spa 🙂


We started off each treatment with a cold towel and little cup of cold tea 🙂 We did 60-minute Swedish massages the first time around, and loved them so much that we went back for 90-minute massages! Neither one of us had ever had a professional massage before and they felt soooo good!! We were both so sore walking out of the second one!


We were all smiles during our entire stay!  We were able to truly relax at this resort and loved every minute. The staff continually went over and beyond to make us feel so special and so spoiled… truly great people who exuded hospitality and genuine customer service to each and every guest.  And the grounds were amazing, too! Everything was so lush and so green.  We went during the wet season, so we were a little worried about the rain but honestly it wasn’t much! It would downpour for about 30 minutes each day, and that’s it! The rain kept the humidity and temps in check too, and again, made all of the plant life sooo green and lush! The wet season is also the “off” season in terms of tourism, so the resort felt very private as occupancy levels were lower than in the busy season.  We would wander around for an hour or so and only bump into 1-2 people! Same with the pools… we usually either had the pool to ourselves or were sharing it with 3-4 other people max. The privacy and exclusiveness made us feel even more relaxed. This resort definitely gets a 10/10 all around! Awesome stay and a wonderful kickoff to our honeymoon adventure! Stay tuned and check back in a couple days for honeymoon part 2! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!! XOXO, Emma


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