Honeymoon Pt 2: Arenal National Park

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and a great couple weeks, too! We had a blast down in Newburgh for the 4th… pics to come of course 🙂 But first up, I wanted to write about the second half of our honeymoon getaway!  OK so we left the Andaz and departed on the 3 hour trip into the Arneal National Park where our second resort was located.  Unfortunately it was not 3 hours of smooth sailing… quite the opposite 😦  The first 45 minutes or so, we were driving on a major road, but it was rocky (( figuratively and literally )) after that!  We had to go from the Pacific coast to almost the dead center of the country, and had to drive around Lake Arenal to get to our resort.  The roads honestly felt like slow rollercoasters… we were up and down every other minute with so many sharp curves and bumps and Conor was hurtinggggg.  His poor stomach was not having that trip!! Luckily with lots of deep breaths and the AC cranked, we made it!!!

IMG_9903Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I loved the reception area! I can best describe the design as ‘eclectic vintage Moroccan’… maybe? Lol. It was cute. This super sweet girl named Priscilla checked us in, drove with us to our villa, and gave us the tour of our place. I was seriously stunned when we went inside… there was so much room and it was private and had such good decor pieces… and the bathroom!! 1 indoor shower, 1 outdoor shower, his + her sides… AND a giant back deck with a private hot springs plunge pool! It was sooo luxurious ❤


ALSO, about 20 minutes after we got into our villa, we heard a knock on the door + it was a special delivery… a gift from Becca ❤ A giant chocolate-covered fruit plate ❤ ❤ You are too good to us B ❤


The best part about this resort, besides the villa, is the grounds/landscaping!  After we got settled in, we decided to explore around and you can seriously walk around foreverrrr.  It was amazing.  The grounds are so lush and we saw countless new species and varieties of plants and flowers.  There were winding trails and 2 long bridges and tons of little hidden gems tucked off the paths.  We stumbled upon coy ponds, fountains, an armadillo sanctuary (side story about that: we took the path at the entrance and thought it would be a 5 minute deal to walk around this little area… um no, it ended up being a 30 min walk!  There was a huge area within the resort dedicated to this sanctuary space. We didn’t see any armadillos though 😉 ), a sloth sanctuary (closed during our visit </3), lookout points… I was so grateful for having so much to take in! Here are a few pictures from around the resort…


^^ flower pics by Conor 🙂 ^^


On our second day there, we were feeling adventurous so we chose to do a hanging bridges tour. We had a short van ride and then we were off on our tour 🙂 The guide, Andres, was friendly and SO knowledgable about the animal and plant species in the rainforest.  I’m so happy that there was the educational component of the trip as well as the sweet views and sights!

IMG_0163DSC_0181DSC_0142DSC_0135DSC_0109DSC_0183DSC_0186IMG_7710IMG_1022 (1).JPGDSC_0160DSC_0149DSC_0131

We definitely had a more up front and personal view of the volcano during this tour, but we honestly had quite a few vantage points at the resort, too.  We got to see it often as we wandered around and Conor kept saying “It’s so majestic.” Lol. I love him.


The rest of our time at Nayara was spent eating delicious room service meals, laying by the pool, walking around the grounds, lounging in our plunge pool, doing yoga!!, and enjoying each other’s company ❤


This resort was the epitome of privacy, luxury, and relaxation in nature.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time here and wish we could’ve stayed longer ❤ This was the perfect place to close out our honeymoon and we couldn’t have asked for more!

Thanks for reading and until next time, ~E~

Ooops I forgot something! OK so one last story from this trip… on our way to the airport to go back home, our driver all of a sudden stops the car and pulls over. We have no idea what’s going on but he gets out and comes around to our side and starts pointing at something to Conor… it was a momma sloth climbing across the power lines, with a baby on her chest!! It was SOOO cool to see the mom and baby so close up, and the driver told us that it’s rare to see them moving at all, let alone climbing along like that. It was a very cool final memory from CR 🙂



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