california dreamin’

IMG_2145OK I am stoked to be finally blogging about my trip out to California! I got to spend 6 days with my bestie Becca and it was a dream! Such a fun girls trip. For those who don’t know, my BFF Becca moved to Los Angeles right after graduating from IU!  She works for DOPE in LA and has such a cute little life out there with her boyfriend Chris and their cat Penny 🙂 OK soooo this post definitely had to be split up because we did so much in our time there! B was the perfect tour guide and we seriously packed a lot into our time together.  There is so much to see in LA and so many different communities that make it up! We did so much and still didn’t do everything… not even close. (( Which just means I will have to plan another trip soon right?? )) OK so I flew out after work and Bec picked me up… immediately we got In N Out Burgers!  I can finally cross that off my food bucket list.  That night I got to see her place in Hermosa Beach and we took a super nice walk down to the beach… she’s roughly a 10 min walk to the ocean… lucky girl!! ❤ Her area is absolutely gorgeous… the homes, the plants, the colors, the vibe… truly awesome and I love that I can now visualize where she is!IMG_2674IMG_2165We woke up the next day bright and early hit the road for Malibu!! The drive there was sooo pretty and needless to say, but it’s just so nice to be in B’s presence! She and I do a pretty good job at talking through the week and staying connected despite the distance, but OMG was it nice to actually physically be with her!  Anyways, we got to Malibu and the area is gorgeous!! The Pacific Coast Highway was the road we were most often on during the drive and what a dream ❤ We ate lunch at this amazingggg restaurant — killer views and fabulous food (and smoothies!).  Then we spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach and had some serious catch up time ❤IMG_2204IMG_2254After we were at the beach for a little while, we headed back towards Hermosa Beach. We picked up some groceries (cheese spread crackers, carrots, hummus, wine, fruit, meats, cheeses, etc etc) and went to Dockweiler Beach for a bonfire!! This beach was so cute and there were fire-pits all over the beach!  We snagged a good one and set up our little beach picnic ❤ This was an especially cool location due to the proximity to LAX Airport… from this beach, you could see and hear outbound planes every minute or so right above your head!  It was honestly pretty relaxing to watch over the ocean and our fire.  How adorable was our setup?? Days 1 + 2 in the wonderful state of California were both fabulous!  Day 3 + 4 in the next post… stay tuned and thanks so much for reading! Happy Monday 🙂 -Em


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