Happy New Year!

Happy 2018, everyone!! I’m sooo mad at myself that I fell off of the blog wagon at the end of 2017! I was doing well until the last couple months.  BUT that is an improvement from the year before so at least I’m making progress 🙂

I wanted to focus this blog post on the 2 big December events — I turned 25 (!!!!!!!) on December 23rd, and then we celebrated Christmas with the Bugher fam in Evansville!

Every birthday brings a lot of self reflection for me… I reflect on the past year, try to assess whether or not I’m doing enough personally/professionally/physically/creatively, think about what I want to achieve in that next year, gauge where I’m at with long term goals, etc etc.  This birthday brought an increase in this reflection due to the fact that a quarter of a century just feels like a little bigger of a deal than some other ages I’ve been. (Also, this is a little side note but I really dislike when people don’t get excited about their birthdays “anymore”. All of the people who say that it’s no big deal or just another day… ugh come on!! It’s your day to celebrate you and I intend on making a celebration out of each and every birthday I am fortunate enough to have.)

So, as usual, the birthday garlands went up! I am a firm believer in decorating. And in garlands. And cakestands 🙂


I started the day with brunch with my mom and Conor at our fav — Northside Kitchenette.  I had a Peach Bellini with brioche french toast and bacon ❤ ❤ ❤ We all decided that breakfast at Northside should become birthday tradition.  After breakfast my mom headed back home and Conor and I went to the nail salon!! We both got pedicures, and I got my nails done too 🙂 Such a good bday present! I love that he gets pedis with me 🙂


I did some art that afternoon, and lounged, relaxed, etc etc and then Conor had dinner planned for us at Nada! Nothing was ever said about it being more than just the 2 of us, so I was sooo surprised to have some of my besties there at dinner with us! Conor arranged it all without me knowing and I was so happy to celebrate with this group!  The food was fantastic, too… I’m pretty sure I ate near my body weight in guacamole. If you are in Indy and haven’t been to Nada….. go.


Our good group shot followed by our failed selfie stick attempts ^^^ Lol

After the birthday festivities were over, we headed down to Evansville for Christmas!  I love Conor’s parents’ home so much, and his Mom always has the house decorated so beautifully and perfectly for every holiday!  We got to spend some really nice quality time with his immediate family when we first got down there, and then more and more extended family rolled in over the next couple days!  We also got together with our friends down there and had a Friends-Mas with them, too 🙂


There was great food, great gifts, and lots of great time spent with great people!  I know I’m late but I still wanted to give a little recap on December 🙂 More to come in the next few days… I promise! 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!! -E


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