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Hello, everyone! Since I talked on my last post about how I was MIA on the blog for the last bit of 2017, I wanted to do a Life Lately post to talk about how we’re doing and what we’ve been up to 🙂

MARRIED LIFE | “So, how’s married life treating you?”  This is a question I get a lot from people 🙂 Well, to tell everyone, it is FREAKING FABULOUS!  I am head over heels for Conor and being married has been so fun so far! ❤ I love saying “husband” and I love how committed we are to each other and to our marriage.  We hope to be and will work to be happily married for the rest of our lives ❤


HOME SEARCH | So, the rent isn’t all that cheap at our townhouse.  It isn’t crazy expensive, but it isn’t cheap.  Conor and I have gone back and forth countless times now regarding whether or not we want to buy a home in Indianapolis.  We do realize that a mortgage payment would definitely be less than what we pay monthly now, and that we’d be gaining equity and value in a purchased home versus our rented home now. HOWEVER, we don’t intend on being in Indianapolis for too much longer (I’d like to see us moving out of state in 2-3 years) so we’re not sure if the investment would really be a pay-off in that amount of time.  We send houses back and forth on Zillow just to keep our eyes open, but nothing yet… stay tuned for more info once we figure out what we’re doing!!

JOBS | E: I am still at the Hyatt Regency downtown… still loving it and grateful for this position and the truly wonderful people I work with.  My coworkers are the greatest, I swear ❤ C: Conor is working at Bluebeard in Fountain Square, and is also working to get his real estate license!  It’s a career change for him, but he’s going to try out the industry and see if it would be a good fit for him 🙂 More info to come on this as well 🙂


^^ My 2 fellow Event Planners (Mrs. Claus outfits!!) and our boss ❤ ^^


^^ Cozied up my office a lil bit, too! ^^

Trips that are actually planned: 
>>>>Conor is flying out to Denver at the end of this month to spend a few days with one of his best friends who lives in Boulder! (( Christmas present from me 🙂 ))  They’re going to hang around Denver/Boulder and get at least one day on the slopes at his friend’s condo in Keystone!
>>>>We also recently bought our tickets to Camp Bisco in July! We went in 2016 and it was an absolute blast, but we couldn’t go in 2017 because it would have been a month after we each took 2 weeks off for the honeymoon and my boss probably would’ve wanted to kill me 🙂  So, now we have some more vacation hours, this will be one of our summer trips! It’s in Scranton, PA which is about a 10 hour drive from Indy, but well worth the trip out.
>>>>We will also be going back out to Colorado in September to attend the wedding of 2 of our great friends!  The wedding will be held in Estes Park, CO.  The pictures I’ve seen of the venue + setting look incredibleee! And Conor was actually just asked by Ty, the groom, to be one of the groomsmen!! ❤ ❤ ❤ We will obviously be there for the wedding festivities, but we’re hoping to also tack on an extra 3-4 days on the front or back end of the trip for a little time for just the 2 of us as well!
Trips that I’m hoping for!:
>>>>I would LOVE to get back out to California to see Becca, but the last time she and I were together we actually talked about maybe doing a girls trip to Arizona!  We have no idea when we can do this, but I’m confident that we can work something out 🙂
>>>>I would also love to get out to Park City, Utah!  My cousins have an amazing home there in the mountains, and they are rad people who are constantly adventuring or doing some sort of outdoor activity!  It’s been wayyyyy too long since I’ve gone out there, so that’d be another fun trip to plan.
>>>>I’d also love to get back up to Boston at some point to see family up there again!
>>>>If at any point in the year Conor and I could find a fun and inexpensive cruise to go on, I’d love to book one.  I’ve never done a big cruise like that, and honestly the prices don’t look bad from what I remember from looking before!  Could be a good potential…
>>>>We also want to do at least one other music festival!  Festival season is pretty long with a LOT of good options nationwide.  They’re sooooo much fun and I think we need to do at least twice per year 😉



^^ We’ve officially had Jinx for 1 year!! We got him on New Year’s Day last year, so he’s officially survived with us for a year! 🙂 We love this little nugget ❤ ^^


^^ You may have seen the pink pants in some of the California pictures… Becca sent them to me for my turn with them and they made their Indiana debut at the hotel! ^^



^^ My coworkers have gotten me 100% hooked on the Acai Bowls from Twenty Two (one of the vendors in the city market). When the weather is nice, we all walk from work to the market and get them for lunch 🙂 (( And I do love these, but they still have not beat my love for the Super Squirrel smoothies at Natural Born Juicers. I have been craving one so much!! )) ^^



^^ We have frequented Sullivan’s this winter… it definitely helps in dealing with that small twinge of seasonal depression I think everyone feels to a certain degree this time of year.  The succulents and cacti make me feel warmer 🙂 ^^


^^ The Hyatt is currently undergoing a full renovation of all meeting space!  This is an amazing refresh for all of our meeting rooms and I love the design going in! Lots of blues and grays and interesting patterns.  Carpet shown above 🙂 ^^

^^ It’s very snowy and cold here currently!! Winter is for sure my least favorite month.. it’s so hard to do anything outside!  This picture may make it look like I was out for a nice stroll and content with the weather, but I was really swearing under my breath the whole time because I was so cold (haha) and it was probably an 8 min walk in total.  A+ for effort, right??? ^^

OK that is all of the info I can think to share for now!  Thanks for reading all of these little tid bits 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great week! ❤ ❤ ❤ -E


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  1. Angela says:

    I have absolutely had it with the cold and snow here in West Michigan! Great photos!

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