Hello and Happy Friday!! Long time, no post…. I swear I am the worst at blogging – ugh! I am going to try get back into the groove and do this more regularly again! I figured a good post to come back with would be centered around my new little business – EB Paper Co.! I say new, but it really kicked off about a year ago.

I’ve always (and I mean ALWAYS… ask my mom!) loved handwriting! Ever since I was young, I’ve loved to write on any scratch paper, envelopes, receipts, etc… anything that I can get my hands on! Sometimes it’s doodling single words, and sometimes it’s writing my entire name in cursive 100 times! I truly do love all things handwritten and I’ve loved being able to develop my own set of fonts overtime. It was during college when I really started getting a lot of people telling me “You should start making money from this!” I didn’t quite have the confidence back then to advertise this skill on a ‘professional service’ level, but since leaving college and moving to Indianapolis, not only have my skills improved, but my confidence and tenacity for this little side gig have increased as well. I started very small-scale — I created an Instagram page for my handwritten work and advertised my services to friends and family. As EB Paper Co. is still in its infancy, I am just continuing to publish my content and trying to get my name out there!Β  My ‘work’ thus far has consisted of individual quote prints, wedding invitation envelopes, custom chalkboards (one for a bridal gown store, one for a house party, and one for a pregnancy reveal!), wooden signs, greeting cards, and most recently clear acrylic plastic pieces for a styled wedding shoot.

I am thrilled that I’ve been able to turn this hobby into a little side venture!Β  I’m so happy about everything that’s happened so far, and very excited to see where it goes! sOoOo many fun projects ahead! For more photos, follow along on Instagram!


Thanks so much for reading, and I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! ❀ XOXO, Em


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